Search Engine Optimization(SEO),SEO,Keyword Optimization,Keyword,Keywords
Search Engine Optimization(SEO),SEO,Keyword Optimization,Keyword,KeywordsSearch Engine Optimization(SEO),SEO,Keyword Optimization,Keyword,Keywords
Search Engine Optimization(SEO),SEO,Keyword Optimization,Keyword,Keywords

Keywords: The Foundation for Search Engine   Optimization

Keyword Searching, Tracking & Selection

     The first step in search engine optimization is to search for keywords - the right keywords. If you select the right keywords, your Search Engine Optimization program is well on its way towards obtaining higher rankings and increasing qualified visitors to your website.

    Keyword Analysis is about identifying the obvious and unforeseen keywords that will increase the ‘call to action’ conversion ratio. This essentially means determining the correct keywords for your industry. These keywords will then be used for creating pertinent, search engine friendly page copy and identifying ad words for Pay-Per-Click and Paid Inclusion programs.

Keyword Phrase Popularity

    Advanced SEO perform keyword research services and find the daily search activity for all the keyword combinations that bear a relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered. There is a fine line between keywords that are popular and keywords that are too popular and too general to be useful.

Keyword Placement Strategy

    The next step in the website optimization process is to place these keywords in the various locations throughout the web page’s visible content as well as in the HTML code.

    There is a definite keyword importance ranking that needs to be followed. It is then essential to place these keywords and key phrases throughout the appropriate page for the search engines to index and properly rank the relevancy of the content.

    Search engine spiders read the HTML code on your page and score the page based on established criteria. If the search engine finds keywords in specific locations throughout the document, it will assume that your page is very relevant to that keyword.

URL Naming

    Advanced SEO determine your top targeted keywords and will suggest ways in which to incorporate the keywords into the url and on the different pages of your site.

    To increase the visibility of every page on your site, each page name should contain a keyword and the page’s content should be focused on that keyword. Not only does this organize your content and make it more user-friendly, but it encourages the search engines to do a deep crawl on your site, that is, visit many of your internal pages rather that just the home page. This technique significantly expands the way the visitors can locate your site.

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