SEO,Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Advaced SEO,SEO Services
SEO,Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Advaced SEO,SEO ServicesSEO,Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Advaced SEO,SEO Services
SEO,Search Engine Optimization(SEO),Advaced SEO,SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] Process

    In our Advanced SEO Company the Search Engine Optimization process involves a series of complex process and analysis like market surveys, web log file analysis, html code analysis, defining proper theme/layout, research into keywords, content enrichment, proper website design and strategic search engine submission to ensure the presence of your website on the Internet. Our Advanced SEO process is customized for each of the individual search engines in order to achieve these high ranking levels.

Website Analysis & Evaluation

  • Benchmarking
  • Competition Analysis
  • Website Study

Extensive Keyword Research

  • Identify and Defining Keywords
  • Selecting the best keywords

Website Optimization

  • Content Analysis
  • HTML Code Refining
  • Image Optimization
  • Meta Tags
  • Dynamic Page Optimization
  • Frame Site Optimization
  • Developing Optimized Pages

Link Building Campaigns

  • Reciprocal Link Building

Search Engine Submission

  • One Time paid Submissions

Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Fine Tune & Re-optimization

Reports & Tracking

  • Ranking Reports
  • Traffic Reports
  • Log File Analysis

    Benchmarking is the continuous process of identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices against strong competitors or recognized industry leaders to help your website improve its performance. It is an ongoing activity that is intended to improve performance and can be applied to all facets of operation. Benchmarking requires a measurement mechanism so that the performance "gap" can be identified. Our Benchmarking process shall ensure that we get the right start by various analysis we implement to attain top search engine rankings. During this process your website shall be closely observed and analyzed mainly concentrating on the domain area you specialize.
Competition Analysis
    Our team at Advanced SEO will make a list of your competitors and visit their website to closely observe and analyze various techniques used by them. During this analysis Advanced SEO will get a picture of the strategy with regard to promotion/optimization that would exactly work for your business. This properly planned strategy would then be used to implement various other steps required to attain top rankings and would help your website to maximize its performance in search engines. Advanced SEO’s process and strategy will vary from each industry and specialization area depending upon your nature of your business.
Website Study
    After Advanced SEO finish Benchmarking and Competition Analysis, proceed towards analyzing your website as to how closely it is related to the previous analysis. We study the structure of your website and compare the same with that of your competitors to give us an idea of how the optimization process should be. During the Website Study process, we will also plan and design a layout for your website which will be implemented / designed during the optimization process to give your site a professional look and make it more search engine friendly.
Identify And Defining Keywords
    Careful research into keyword phrases is an essential step towards a successful SEO campaign. Our optimization process will yield no results if the proper keyword phrases are not targeted. Since single keywords are so generic in nature and usually so competitive, it is important to research "keyword phrases" consisting of more than two keywords to optimize for on each page of you web site. The question is how do we know what phrases people use when they search for information online? This is where "keyword research" tools come into picture. We use Word tracker and Overture Suggestion Tool to get the best possible and most frequently used keyword phrases for your website.
Selecting The Best Keywords
    After the initial keyword analysis, our team at Advanced SEO will collect all such keywords which we consider will match your business requirements and send you a complete report of the same for your final confirmation on the keywords. You will then have to select the best keywords in the order of importance and send us the same so that we optimize the pages according to those keywords to attain maximum results.
Content Analysis
    In this process our SEO experts shall review the content of your website (especially the home page). Since search engines not only consider meta tags, but also text from the body of the page for any search query, it is very important to have some text on the body of the page, which has some keywords evenly scattered on the page. This factor has a great significance in placing your website in search engines. We shall ensure that the content we change will be search engine friendly retaining its original meaning. Prior permissions will be duly taken by our SEO team before implementing any major text change.
HTML Code Refining
    HTML Code Refining is a process where we analyze and review the code for all your web pages and simultaneously fix all the errors. During this process we will remove all the unwanted codes considered to be spam. We manually fine tune each web page and remove redundant html codes which are automatically created during the time of design.
Image Optimization
    Image Optimization is one of the main elements in today's SEO process which most of them tend to neglect. Even today there are people using Internet on Dial Up and a website with too heavy images would take long time to download. From search engine perspective, downloading time is a factor which is now considered in their ranking algorithms. Hence, our SEO experts will optimize each image on your website to reduce its size, yet retaining its quality and resolution to ensure that the pages load quickly.
Meta Tags
    Developing meta tags is one of the most important and difficult task in the entire SEO process. Based on the ongoing analysis and keywords our SEO experts shall form an optimal class of meta tags combining <title> considered to be the most important tag as far as search engine ranking is concerned, <description> and <keyword>. There are quite a few other tags which are not as important as these three mentioned above. Our SEO experts ensure that these three tags are developed to the best to ensure most of your primary keywords are covered for your home page. This process will continue, where we develop meta tags for each web page on your site concentrating on each product or service that is described on the page, thus covering a wide array of keywords.
Dynamic Page Optimization
    There are lot of search engine spiders which still do not recognize (or read) the dynamic sites as compared to the static html sites. Anything beyond the question mark (?) which commonly occurs in all the dynamic pages turn out to be aliens for these search engine spiders. All we need to do is to develop few static pages and use them as the front runners in search engines along with few other optimization techniques to ensure that your site ranks high.
Frame Site Optimization
    While frames make website design and navigation a bit easier, they wreak havoc on your website’s ranking in the search engines. Half of the search engines cannot read the content contained in frames. And viewers who find a page they particularly like within your frameset will not be able to bookmark it. We optimize your frame based pages by either removing the frames or using appropriate codes to ensure that they are more search engine friendly and can be found on the top pages. For the removal of frames we completely design a new frame less website and then implement our optimization process for better results.
Developing Optimized Pages
    Since it would be difficult to target more than a limited number of keywords for the existing site (usually home page) we will develop Content Based Optimized Pages which are keyword rich pages designing to specifically meet the search engine criteria for that particular keyword phrase for which we are targeting. This page shall then be submitted to various search engines to be indexed thus attaining great results for your targeted keywords. There will be visible links to these pages from your home page or any other inside pages which will rule out any possibility of being banned. This visible link will allow the search engine spider to crawl and index the optimized page thereby achieving good results.
Reciprocal Link Building
    The most important aspect in today's search engine ranking algorithm is the advent of link popularity. Search engines are always developing ways to make their results more relevant. In the last couple of years, links have become increasingly more important to the engines because they see links as an endorsement of your site by other website.
One Time Paid Submissions
    After we finish our optimization process the next step is to execute the submissions. Our one time paid submissions will ensure that your site is registered in search engines like MSN, HotBot, Altavista, Askjeeves/Teoma, Overture, About, Lycos and AlltheWeb.
Fine Tuning And Re-optimization
    Your ranking in the search engines will constantly fluctuate for a variety of reasons. New sites are added and dropped from the index. We have to monitor your competition and note the changes which results in a new position for them. The search engines also frequently change their algorithm. The list goes on and on. Consequently, once you've achieved a high ranking we need to regularly monitor your position and 'tweak' your web pages if necessary. This process ensures that we fine tune your website for constant search engine rankings. We also re-optimize the web pages to meet the present search engine criteria.
Ranking Reports
    After the successful completion of our SEO Campaign, Advanced SEO shall send you the first ranking report which displays your top keywords and the rankings for them on each of the search engines. This ranking report will be sent to you on a monthly basis for no additional cost.
Traffic Reports
    Advanced SEO will be sending you the complete traffic report which depicts various types of results related to the type of visitors arriving your site, number of visitors at each hour, demographic oriented reports, bandwidth report, search engine traffic and much more.
Log File Reports
    Getting traffic to your web site without analyzing it is like being blindfolded in a crowd. Without analyzing your web site traffic, it's difficult to improve your web site marketing.     Hence, we use log files to analyze your traffic which helps us know from which direction they are coming.

    We create such content that - communicates with your visitors, educates and informs them, and at the same time persuades and convinces them. We create content in such a format which is easy to read, follow and understand.

    Our forte is to build Search Engine Optimized content – Advanced SEO understand that your website content should appeal to both your visitors and the Search engines to achieve your website's goals. This understanding helps us to add just the right number of keywords into your web content so as to achieve high rankings while maintaining its quality and crispness.

    Advanced SEO complete projects on time every time - We will discuss the time frame for the project with you before we begin work and will deliver within the timeframe.

    High Quality & Reasonable Costs - Advanced SEO charge reasonably and provide you good quality work to match your expectations.

    Constant Communication - Keeping in tune with the web culture, Advanced SEO will be in touch with you on a regular basis through email to ensure that we understand your requirements and match your expectations.

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